Oil Spill Detection Systems

Row (Remote Optical Watcher)
An Autonomous, Non-Contact Sensor for Water Monitoring

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24/7 Monitoring.

Day or night, the ROW provides early detection against oil spills, so you can act.

Low Maintenance.

Robust IP68 enclosure allows installation in the toughest environments.

Off-Grid Design.

Using < 2 W, the ROW can deploy offshore and connect to your wireless telemetry.

Installations around the world. Applications across industries.

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Installations across all 6 major continents in major industries.

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Industries ranging from a beverage factory to oil refineries.

Taking the Industry Forward.

At the cutting-edge of fluorescence based optics, LDI's ROW instrument is the fast, value-added solution for detecting oil spills for water monitoring. We maintain close co-operation with research institutes and industrial companies from Estonia, across Europe to North America.
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Want to know what clients are saying about us?

Integrating our ROW oil detectors with offshore buoys, we can protect our desalination and power plant from unsuspecting oil spills from passing tankers.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Desalination Plant

We use the ROW to monitor our water discharge from a sump pit before the water reaches a water treatment plant. Great product and service from LDI.

Antwerp, Belgium

Oil Refinery

The ROW has allowed us to apprehend polluting ships who illegal discharge oily ballast and waste water in our ports. A product worth investing in.

Riga, Latvia

Shipping Port

With ROW stable performance against water level change, flow rate change and foreign objects, while supporting our PLC for integration with our system.

Daejeon, South Korea

Hydroelectric Power Plant

Using the ROW protects our water filtration system against damage from unforeseen oil spills whether from industries or residential upstream sources.

Mochita, Chile

Water Treatment Plant

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Unlocking carbon reduction with advanced oil spill sensors

As a realtime oil detector, the ROW can mitigate CO2 emissions by reducing oil spill impact

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LDI Exhibitions 2022

LDI will exhibit at Oceanology 2022 in London and Interspill 2022 in Amsterdam. We hope to established new contacts, customers and also meet some familiar faces.

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Bekker Port equipped with ROW oil spill detectors

A key cargo port in the North Baltic Sea, adopts ROW oil-spill early warning sensors.

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Got questions?

We are focused on providing our clients with the highest
level of quality and excellent customer support.

1. Can ROW be mounted on a buoy or an UAV?

Yes, speak with us today to discuss available options buoy-based ROW.​ For UAV, it can and we are already working with partners on such systems. Sign up to our newsletter to receive updates for availability.

2. Is the ROW able to detect oil in all weather conditions?

Yes. For areas prone to fog, we recommend installing the ROW closer to targets to improve the effectiveness of the device as low cloud coverage scatters the signal to the device.

3. What is the area covered by the field of view?

The field of view of ROW is 0.05 – 0.4 m (Ø), focusing on this size of area allows the device to limit the averaged signal measured from the waters surface to reduce false alarms and increase sensitivity. Because oil spreads rapidly on water, in practice the area of water protected is much larger.

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