Fluorescent molecules


Spectral Fluorescence Signature

What is the Fluo-Imager Analyser?

Fluo-Imager is a new generation multipurpose spectral analyser for express detection and identification of organic compounds in liquid samples. Based on combined spectral fluorescence signatures (SFS) and absorbance techniques, this analyser works quickly to screen treated or untreated samples. It provides quantitative and qualitative information on a wide range of substances without the need for sample pre-treatment.

Key Stats
  • Sensitivity: > 1 μg/L or 1 ppb
  • Excitation: 220 – 650  nm λex
  • Emissions: 220 – 730 nm λem
  • Absorbance: 220 – 650 nm
  • Spectral resolution: 10 nm
  • Temp. Control: +10°C  to  +40°C
  • Detector: Photo Multiplier Tube

Fluo-Imager Analyser Fluorescence and absorbance in one.

This table-top instrument with accompanying Fluo-Imager software offers powerful analytics at your fingertips.

0 D


Use λex/λem to produce sample fluorescence matrix.

0 s

Cycle time

Analyse samples quickly, down to 1 ppb.


Measuring fluorescence (excitation emission matrix, EEM) and absorption allows seamless detection from the ppb to ppm ranges. Using absorbance, you can measure non-fluorescing molecules.

Continuous background correction means the inner filter effect (IFE) in fluorescence spectra due to higher sample concentrations is compensated by absorption measurements.

No pre-treatment means samples can be analysed directly without the need for added chemicals. The analysis is non-destructive so samples are not consumed and can be further used.

The powerful Fluo-Imager software builds your SFS library allowing you to match unknown samples to your traditional and customised standards for identification and quantification.

To maintain itself, the Fluo-Imager Analyser can perform self-diagnostic procedures against pre-programmed standards so you can rest assured your results are always up to par.


Optional components for your Fluo-Imager.

The Fluo-Imager's xenon lamp is easily replaceable and additional square cuvettes can readily be acquired meaning you can do as many analyses as you required to complete your tasks.

Whether you make your own calibration standards or purchase readily available commercial standards, keep the Fluo-Imager library consistently updated. A round cuvette holder option is available.

Xenon lamp

Every 100,000 scans

Square cuvette

By default


Inquire for more info

Round cuvette

Holder and cuvette


Use our software to visual in 3D the excitation and emissions matrixes.


Build concentration calibration curves according to your standards.


Match unknown substance against your customised database with fingerprinting.