LDI at IOSC 2014

The IOSC offers the perfect platform to launch our new ROW oil on water detector instrument into the American market. The exhibition is the ideal environment for government agencies, contractors, engineers, researchers, and industry stakeholders who come together and work together to get new ideas and solutions in oil spill response and prevention. Find out more details at www.iosc.org.

LDI’s team will presenting the latest version of ROW at the International Oil Spill Conference . This is our latest and newest technology in remote sensing for the early detection and monitoring of unsuspecting oil spills. 

Location: Savannah, Georgia, USA
Dates: May 5-8, 2014
Booth: Stand 843

About IOSC

The triennial IOSC contributes to and enables a culture of preparedness within the oil spill response community, the broader field of incident management, and society as a whole. First held in 1969, the IOSC provides a forum for professionals from the international community, the private sector, government, and non-governmental organizations to highlight and discuss innovations and best practices across the spectrum of prevention, preparedness, response and restoration. Thousands of informative studies, data sets, policy discussions, best practices, and case reviews have been delivered in this venue. The institutional knowledge built on these works is invaluable and much of it is not accessible except through the IOSC’s archives.

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