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Arctic Conference 2015, Kemi

LDI participating at the Arctic Theme Exhibition in Finland to present our ROW oil spill detector. As the Arctic opens up to exploration and commercial shipping, the risk of major oil spills warrant that early detection and fast response is necessary and achievable with the right detector.

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ROW feature in magazine

The ROW hydrocarbon detector system for monitoring oil on water is fully designed and manufactured in Estonia. LDI is a small company that specializes in optics, non-contact detection technology and fluorescence. We want to makes industrial and environmental monitor easier and more prevalent.

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Laser Diagnostic Instruments AS new address is Kopliranna 49, Tallinn, Estonia. LDI now has the added advantage of being located next to the sea and in an industrial port. R&D and all our field testing becomes much easier so we can produce a sound reliable instrument.

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Oil Spill at the Pakri Islands

Estonian authorities are investigating a suspected oil spill in Pakri Islands. Bunker fuel is suspected in the water. Oil spills can happen at anytime, day or night. Early detection and fast alerts coupled with 24//7 monitoring are critical to mitigating potential disasters.

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