Arctic Conference 2015, Kemi

Finnish Environment Institute wants to be ready in the event of an catastrophic oil spill in the Arctic. Of course, we at LDI are showcasing a instrument that can give early warning to potential oil spills, so that local authorities can act quickly and decisively. The main topics of the conference will be arctic environment, mechanical oil recovery, ice and weather services in Arctic, ice performance of ships and monitoring and surveillance.

LDI is happy to  deliver a presentation at the Kemi conference on 24th March during the 3rd session at 13.40 at Kemi Arctic 2015. Oil spills can happen at anytime; we feel our ROW technology will give authorities a critical edge when it comes to monitoring remote locations.

Location: Kemi, Finland
Dates: March 24-25, 2015
Booth: Stand 6

Arctic oil spill response, Kemi

The exercise in Kemi will test the oil spill response in an imaginary situation in which approximately 200 tonnes of oil have been spilled into the sea due to a collision between two vessels. The oil spill response vessels will strive to recover heavy fuel oil from among ice and slush. The exercise itself will mainly test the equipment, as no real oil will be used during the exercise. The seminar is meant strengthen cooperation and share best practices. 

The exercise will be accompanied by a seminar on 24 March that will address the topics of the Arctic environment, mechanical oil recovery in ice conditions, ice and weather services in the Arctic region, properties of vessels in ice conditions, and environmental monitoring.

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