Oil Spill Response, Beijing

China offers a massive market for our ROW oil spill detector, and LDI is striving to make our first foray into the Chinese market in partnership with Shanghai Yiwin Instrument&Equipment Co.,Ltd. OSRW 2014 offers the perfect launching point to showcase the LDI ROW to a highly industrialized and progressive country. 

LDI in cooperation with Shanghai Yiwin Instrument&Equipment Co.,Ltd will be showcasing the ROW at the Oil Spill Response Workshop (OSRW 2014)in Beijing. We want to welcome all to come visit our booth as we make our foray into the Chinese market.

Location: Beijing, China

Dates: November 18-19, 2014

Booth: In cooperation with Shanghai Yiwin Instrument&Equipment Co.,Ltd

To arrange a meeting at OSRW 2014, please email Davide Pino.

About (OSRW 2014)

OSRW 2014 showcases the latest technologies and solutions for oil spill and is one of Asia’s top networking, knowledge-sharing and sourcing events for oil spill prevention and clearing professionals. The event features discussions on technical innovations and best practices across spill prevention, preparedness, response and restoration.

The Conference On Oil Spill Response Workshop, organized by the The Oriental Pro Energy Consulting Organization (Topco) will take place from 18th to the 19th November 2014 in Beijing, China. The conference will cover areas like Regulation, legislation and insurance, Operation of oil pollution compensation fund, Hazardous chemicals spill response, Regulation, legislation and insurance and more. Some prominent speakers include Tony Zamora, Torbjorn Hahlin, Patrick Wong, Hao Zhai, Ron Bowden.

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