LDI HQ Move

    Laser Diagnostic Instruments AS new address is Kopliranna 49, Tallinn, Estonia. LDI now has the added advantage of being located next to the sea and in an industrial port. R&D and all our field testing becomes much easier so we can produce a sound reliable instrument.

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    LDI at IOSC 2014

    LDI attends and exhibits at the annual IOSC 2014 to showcase our newest sensor, the ROW oil spill detection system. We use non-contact fluorescence technology so oil spills get detected, and maintenance is kept to a bare minimum. Find out more about the ROW today.

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    Oil Spill at the Pakri Islands

    Estonian authorities are investigating a suspected oil spill in Pakri Islands. Bunker fuel is suspected in the water. Oil spills can happen at anytime, day or night. Early detection and fast alerts coupled with 24//7 monitoring are critical to mitigating potential disasters.

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    LDI @ Columbia Oil & Gas

    Columbia Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition in Cartagena, which LDI attended and showcased our products: the ROW hydrocarbon detector series. Our instruments are non-contact and fully sealed so you can install them on offshore buoys such as SBM.

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    LDI hosts 40 students for visit

    LDI hosted a group of 40 students from our local Tallinn University of Technology to introduce them to life in a R&D company. Our company has and will continue to employ the best talent, and especially more so graduates from this prestigious university.

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    Article in Postimees

    Laser Diagnostic Instruments AS and our ROW oil spill detector instrument were featured in an article by a major Estonian newspaper, Postimees. LDI wants to represent Estonia as a beacon of technological innovation and high-tech society.

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