HydroGaïa 2015, Montpellier

    LDI exhibiting at HydroGaïa International Water Exhibition 2015 to showcase our ROW hydrocarbon detector for the water sector. LDI thrives to diversify our applications for the ROW hydrocarbon sensor into the wastewater sector, which greatly expands our applications beyond oil & gas.

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    Industrial Exhibition 2015

    LDI exhibiting with our distributor Anael at Industrial Analysis 2015 to showcase our ROW hydrocarbon detector. Anael wants to promote the ROW to major industries across the board with special attention given to Oil and Gas sector where applications includes Terminals, Refineries, Tank Farms, Depots, and offshore platforms.

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    Arctic Conference 2015, Kemi

    LDI participating at the Arctic Theme Exhibition in Finland to present our ROW oil spill detector. As the Arctic opens up to exploration and commercial shipping, the risk of major oil spills warrant that early detection and fast response is necessary and achievable with the right detector.

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    POLLUTEC 2014

    LDI participates at Pollutec 2014 alongside our partners Anael and Cometec from France. We are there to showcase the ROW hydrocarbon detection system. Oil spill pollution can come from many sources not just oil and gas. Manufacturers of cement or food to residence areas can spill oils and have a devastating effect down-stream.

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    Oil Spill Response, Beijing

    LDI, in cooperation with Shanghai Yiwin Instrument & Equipment, exhibited at the Oil Spill Response Workshop (OSRW 2014) in Beijing, China. The Chinese market is vast and highly industrialized. Pollution is a major concern, so the ROW oil on water detector is the perfect instrument to mitigate oil spills before they spread.

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    ROW feature in magazine

    The ROW hydrocarbon detector system for monitoring oil on water is fully designed and manufactured in Estonia. LDI is a small company that specializes in optics, non-contact detection technology and fluorescence. We want to makes industrial and environmental monitor easier and more prevalent.

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    ROW at ONS 2014, Norway

    LDI exhibited our newest ROW ATEX EXD model at ONS (Offshore Northern Seas) with our partner Houm, in Norway. With Oil and Gas being so critical Norwegian wealth, safe-guarding against devastating oil spills requires quality monitors that provide 24/7 monitoring and fast, reliable alerts.

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